Why The Blood Pressure Battle?

Blood Pressure and Chiropractic in Fort Wayne IN

Let’s face it; dealing with high blood pressure can be down right frustrating and very confusing.  In fact, over the past three decades, studies have shown that despite the increase in medical testing, technology advancements, and seemingly growing list of medications being taken, more people continue to suffer from and die prematurely from cardiovascular related disease. We are here to help at New Life Chiropractic in Fort Wayne, In.

Did you know that according to the CDC, nearly 1 of 3 Americans is now being treated for blood pressure related illness?  Can you believe that equates to a whopping 70 million Americans?

That’s right, despite all of the efforts being made; one would have to argue that the current methods are not working as well as most people think.  Further more, the idea of taking someone’s elevated blood pressure down without understanding why it’s elevated may be even more harmful than previously thought.

How do you think it must feel for a child growing up knowing that if their parents suffer from blood pressure, it’s likely that they will follow in the exact same footsteps unless something drastically changes, and that doesn’t just mean with blood pressure either.  Certainly that child must be freaked out knowing that the “only solution” is to likewise take a handful of pills for the rest of their life also…or is it?

Here’s the thing, according to the law of ‘Cause and Effect’, simply attempting to lower blood pressure while avoiding the underlying question of “why the body struggles”, not only counterfeits true healing, but may be moving the body further from being healed.  That’s right, just forcing the numbers into a “normal” range without identifying the reason for the body’s adaptive response would explain why a person taking prescribed meds for two decades would most likely see their blood pressure sky-rocket after only being off those meds for a couple days.

Listen, do you think forcing the body to chemically move to lower numbers without taking into consideration why the innate wisdom within felt it most necessary to adapt the way that it did?  In other words, in order to identify the underlying reason the why the body responded and perhaps why the body adapted the way that it did is so vital in understanding what it takes to achieve and maintain great quality health and healing.

So if normalizing blood pressure synthetically is not the ‘answer’ to better health, then what is?  What is the underlying problem that causes so many millions of people to struggle and why in the world would the body adapt in a way that would cause the blood pressure to go up?  In order to properly answer that, you’d have to as yourself the more important question, which is, “What is Health?”  Once the understanding of health is established, the next question becomes, “What does your body need to be healthy?”, followed by the question, “What keeps the body from functioning at it’s very best?”

Once these questions are answered, only then can you begin to move in the direction towards the level of health that you desire for you and the people you love the most in your life.

“God’s laws of health are both Natural and Super-Natural, the outcomes the same, only the timing is different”

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