How Neuropathy Affects The Body in Fort Wayne

Chiropractic Fort Wayne IN Neuropathy Pain

This will be surprising to most, but did you know that there are more than 100 types of peripheral neuropathy?  That’s right, and to complicate things even more, each of them has their own set of possible symptoms.1

You see, the reason symptoms can vary from numbness, tingling, burning, increased sensitivity, to bowel or bladder problems, is that it depends on what type of nerve is being affected.2

Listen, you may already know now that neuropathy can affect any nerve in the body, right!?   But did you know that since there are three types of nerves in the body, neuropathy can affect each one of them differently? See how neuropathy in Fort Wayne can affect your body in different ways.

Three Types of Nerves Impacting Neuropathy Pain in Fort Wayne IN

Simply put, each of the three types of nerves in the body is susceptible to develop neuropathy. Think of it this way, you have nerves that make you FEEL, nerves that make you HEAL, and nerves that make you MOVE.

The FEELING nerves are technically called ‘Sensory Nerves’.  The HEALING nerves are ‘Autonomic Nerves’, and the MOVING nerves are the ‘Motor Nerves’.

  1. Sensory nerves allow you to experience the finer things in your environment – light touch, temperature, the smell of a room, or skin sensations. Thus, if you have neuropathy in sensory nerves, there will be aberrations in these kinds of sensations.

    Perhaps you will not be able to feel vibration in your hands and feet. Or maybe your skin will feel painful, and hypersensitive to touch to the point that even socks or bed sheets become seemingly unbearable.

    Imagine losing the ability to smell different scents if your olfactory nerve is affected. Or what if you had the sensation of ants crawling on your skin, but looked down at your leg where the feeling was occurring and found that there were no ants there at all! All these strange sensations are related to sensory nerves that have neuropathy.

  2. Autonomic nerves control the organs in your body.  Because your body is designed to adapt, regulate and change, these nerves are either going to have a stimulatory or inhibitory response.   They can either be what’s called ‘Sympathetic’ or ‘Parasympathetic’ nerves.  In other words, your healing nerves can either speed things up, or slow things down. For example, there are nerves that control your breathing and lung function, your digestion, your heartbeat and heart function and how your glands work. The symptoms that are associated with neuropathy of autonomic nerves would include reduced ability to catch a breath, fast heart rate, lack of digestion of food, and a lot more.

    This list could be a few pages long, as it would relate to all the organs in the body. For example, if your pancreas nerves aren’t receiving or sending the proper signals, there could easily be blood sugar disruption. You would then have a difficult time getting your blood sugar levels to stay normal.2

  3. Motor nerves control your ‘muscle movements’ and are responsible for making your body move.3 Both walking and running involve motor movements, and thus motor nerves. Talking involves moving your mouth in certain ways, and thus motor nerves are involved. Even holding onto a coffee cup makes motor nerves work, too.

    Thus, if you have neuropathy in Fort Wayne that affects a motor nerve, you will have disruptions in how the associated muscles work. Maybe your muscle will be weakened, or you can’t seem to get it to work properly. One thing is true – you will never get superhuman strength as a symptom in your muscle if you have neuropathy.


With neuropathy, one of the first steps is to recognize that you are having feelings that signal that something is not right.

But always remember that neuropathy can have solutions.

At New Life Chiropractic Center in Fort Wayne, we recognize the sometimes-devastating effects of peripheral neuropathy and take it seriously.  For this reason, we perform a very detailed neurological examination and then, after identifying the underlying cause(s), use our multifaced approach towards healing.  We use advanced, proven principles with breakthrough technologies to move our patients towards a healthier, more hopeful future.

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