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Chiropractor Joel Feeman DC, CAFNI, BCN

Chiropractor Fort Wayne IN Joel Feeman

Dr. Joel Feeman is a 2000 graduate of Life University School of Chiropractic. He is a native of Ohio and did his undergraduate work at Ohio State University.

Since opening New Life Chiropractic Center in March of 2001, he has been blessed to serve thousands of people in Fort Wayne and surrounding areas.  Dr. Feeman is not the ‘typical’ chiropractor but provides a highly specialized type of care.  With a background in both corrective chiropractic care and functional neurology, he performs cranial and facial work, as well as KST.  Dr. Feeman has studied with Trigenics Functional Neurology Institute, and is certified through the American Functional Neurology Institute. He has completed work, and continues to work, with special populations, while also treating patients through functional neurology rehabilitation.  Dr. Feeman is also a Board-Certified Neuropathy Specialist, accredited by the American College of Physical Medicine (ACOPM).

He is an active member of the International Chiropractic Association and the International Chiropractic Association of Indiana.  He has done missions/ministry work in Mexico, Dominican Republic and India with Chiropractors Feeding the Hungry, Matthew 10 Ministries, and World Mission Chiropractic.  He is also a member of Preferred Chiropractic Doctor, has received many awards, including the Body by God Excellence Award for his excellence and commitment to Chiropractic, as well as the Award of Excellence by Teach the World about Chiropractic. Dr. Feeman has also studied under, and continues to study with many of the worlds’ elite in chiropractic, health, and natural healing.

Dr. Feeman’s motto for his life and his practice is to “serve God by serving man, through the vehicle of principled, scientific, Chiropractic, and to empower people with the truth of God’s awesome healing power.” He loves to share the magnificence of the body’s creation and its ability to heal.

Dr. Feeman is passionate about teaching his patients the truth relating to vitalistic health and is dedicated and committed to helping families live healthier, happier, more productive, higher quality lives.

Dr. Feeman was first introduced to Chiropractic when he was young. As a child, he suffered from many sinus and allergy problems. His parents heard about Chiropractic through a friend who shared with them the incredible truth of healing and how Chiropractic works. They learned about how the nervous system controls everything in the body, and how when this is interfered with, the body is not able to function and heal effectively and properly. Once they learned that Chiropractic was about detecting and removing interference to the nervous system, and that God’s power that created the body also heals the body, the entire family, including all 7 children, began Chiropractic care. It changed their lives and left quite an impact on a young Dr. Feeman. At nine years old he decided that from then on, he would avoid drugs, surgery, and “traditional” medicine and instead actively promote true healing.

Dr. Feeman and his high school sweetheart Rachel married a month after high school graduation.  They have four children, and now love being grandparents.

Chiropractor Fort Wayne IN Dr Joel Feeman with Family
Chiropractor Fort Wayne Joel Feeman and Family

Laura - Chiropractic Radiographer

Chiropractic Fort Wayne IN Laura Chiropractic RadiographerLaura became acquainted with Chiropractic at a very young age due to her brother's need of Chiropractic care. She began her personal treatment with Chiropractic care due to several health issues. Chiropractic not only gave her great relief physically, but it opened her mind to an alternative style of medicine that has proved to be effective. It not only changed her life for the better, but multiple friends and family as well. It seemed something that was meant to become part of her life.

Laura studied Missions at Olivet Nazarene University. She is very passionate about reaching out to people. She then completed a Medical Assistant program at Ross Education to build a solid foundation in the medical field. From there she made the move to Chiropractic and radiography. Laura is now a certified Chiropractic Radiographer and loves serving the patients, seeing them get better every day!

Rachel - Chiropractic Assistant & Wellness Consultant

Chiropractic Fort Wayne IN Rachel Chiropractic Assistant and Wellness ConsultantRachel, Dr. Feeman’s better half and high school sweetheart, has been under specific, scientific Chiropractic care since she was a child. Even when she was too young to understand the principles of Chiropractic, she knew the horrible migraines, cramps, and sicknesses that plagued her youth dissapeared under regular care.

Since then a lifestyle of healthy living and continued care has inspired her and Dr. Feeman to make sure that their four children live and understand the same lifestyle. Jale, Malachi, Evangelin, and Matthias have all been under regular care since birth and have avoided artificial means of traditional “healthcare,” including harmful drugs, vaccinations, and medications. Rachel has been married to Dr. Feeman since 1995 and is very acitve in both her community and her church.

Amber - Therapy Specialist Assistant

Chiropractic Fort Wayne IN Therapy Specialist Assistant Amber

Amber first started chiropractic care during the peak of her high school sports and will never go back. Being a multi-sport athlete, and someone who has worked with horses, back and neck pain was all Amber ever knew. After her fair share of falls, hits, and kicks, she had taken enough. Since undergoing chiropractic care, that well-known pain has dissipated, and she is free to go about daily activities that she was not able to before.

Amber is one of our therapy specialists, she assists patients with in-office therapy and helps educate patients on any at-home therapies they may have. She can also be found helping patients at the front desk. Amber has recently been accepted to Indiana University to study exercise science, and from there, hopes to follow in Dr. Feeman's footsteps and become a chiropractor one day.

Evangelin - Therapy Specialist

Chiropractic Fort Wayne IN Evangelin Therapy SpecialistEvangelin is Dr. Feeman and Rachel’s youngest daughter. She is our therapy specialist and assists our patients with any in-office therapies they may have, as well as, educating them on how to properly use their at home equipment. She loves hearing the patients she works with get excited and hopeful again when they notice the changes being made in their bodies.

Evangelin has been under chiropractic care her entire life and wouldn’t want it any other way. In 2010 Evangelin was diagnosed with Leukemia, although this was not easy on the family, they did not loose faith that her health would be restored. Throughout this time, Evangelin was under consistent Chiropractic care while receiving treatment for Leukemia. During this time, her parents were diligent about giving her proper nutrition instead of the recommended milkshakes and other sugary foods. Evangelins’ doctors were AMAZED at how well and quickly her body was healing. They even asked what they were doing that seemed to be keeping her numbers so high.  The answer was simple, lots of prayer, chiropractic care, support from family and friends, and good nutrition.

Autumn - Front Office Assistant

Chiropractic Fort Wayne IN Autumn

Chiropractic care was not always part of Autumn’s healthcare routine, but since starting care with Dr. Joel, a shoulder injury she had since childhood, finally began to improve, and heal. She could not be happier with her health.

You will meet Autumn at the front desk smiling, answering phones, and scheduling appointments. You may also see her preforming exams and assisting patients with recommended traction. Autumn is currently studying medical imaging at Ivy Tech with a goal of helping provide care for as many people as she can. She really loves seeing people feel better and hearing all their wonderful stories.

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