What Role Does Chiropractic Care Play in Men’s Health?

What Role Does Chiropractic Care Play in Men's Health?

Role of Chiropractic For Men in Fort Wayne IN

Your chiropractor can remove any pressure on your nerves that interferes with the communication between your body and your brain. Proper nutrition, spinal health, and adequate physical activity are essential during male infancy, childhood, and adolescence to support rapid growth and development. As a male transitions into adulthood, these factors are equally important in promoting the optimal functions of digestion, metabolism, cell regeneration, immunity, and disease prevention.

Taking care of your nutrition, nervous system health, and increasing your physical activity levels can improve and maintain the functions of all systems of your body. It helps you to avoid the pain, suffering, and poor quality of life that chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis can bring. Does the opposite hold true? Yes, it does. Neglect these essentials and you will see your metabolism beginning to slow down, muscle mass and strength reducing, weight increasing to obese levels, and other health conditions gradually appearing.

Can Chiropractic care help in the prevention of the leading cause of death in men, i.e. heart disease? The Human Journal of Hypertension proved that certain spinal misalignments are linked to increased blood pressure. More importantly, correction of these misalignments led to lower blood pressure.

In fact, receiving regular specific, scientific Chiropractic adjustments showed similar results when compared to using two blood pressure drugs. 8 weeks of receiving regular specific, scientific Chiropractic adjustments brought a 14 point drop in systolic blood pressure and an 8 point drop in diastolic pressure. Now, don’t forget that everyone is different and that healing takes time.

Keep in mind that our office does not chase symptoms, but when we see research proving the power of receiving regular specific, scientific Chiropractic adjustments, it’s easy to see how the body does better under lifetime wellness Chiropractic care.

Studies like these illustrate what happens when spinal stress is released. The body's natural healing power is released. Instead of hiding the symptoms with high-risk drugs, take the steps that are necessary to address the underlying causes.

If you know a loved one such as a dad, uncle, grandfather, brother, or a friend who hasn’t been checked by one of our Doctors, please visit the front desk to find out how they can be helped!


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