Do You Suffer From Neck Pain?

Do You Suffer from Neck Pain?

Neck Pain and Chiropractic in Fort Wayne IN

Many people seek chiropractic care because they suffer from neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and numbness in their fingers and hands, among other neck-related symptoms. Something that you need to understand about our office is that we do not chase symptoms but instead we ask the question: “What does the pain and symptoms really mean?” What are these symptoms trying to tell us? Are the symptoms a result of a lack of aspirin, steroids, and painkillers, or is there something more that needs to be discerned?

Most doctors know that although all the organs are important, the brain is the most important organ in the body.  It controls everything else. The other organs can only do what the brain tells them. Furthermore, the brain is first and foremost concerned about itself, then the brain stem, followed by the spinal cord, and lastly the spinal nerves that make up the nervous system. When someone begins to experience symptoms such as those previously mentioned, it is vital to understand that the symptoms are warning signs coming from our nervous system. These symptoms are warning you that there is a lack of harmony in the body.

When trying to understand the body and its natural healing ability, we must first realize that the body is infinitely smarter than our minds can comprehend. There is so much taking place inside the body that it’s really hard for any one person to be totally knowledgeable about all of them. One thing we do know is that when someone experiences neck pain or any other related symptoms, the rest of the body is affected. Healing comes from Above-Down-Inside-Out, which means that nerve system interference at the top of the spine causes everything below it to be affected. The late Christopher Reeves (Superman) is a great example. He had an injury to the uppermost part of the neck which caused a reduction in the life flow where the body’s organs could not receive life at 100%, causing severe malfunction, disease, and early death.

Most people, when they begin to experience neck pain or related symptoms, tend to take pain killers and/or get steroid shots in their neck. It is best to first of all read what research shows about these methods of treatment. Also, remember that only the pain is removed while the actual problem still remains, the organs still function poorly, and the body still lacks harmony.

“Disease is an abnormal performance of certain functions; the abnormal activity has its causes.”

-D.D. Palmer, D.C., Ph.C.

If you know someone with neck pain, please see the front desk about scheduling options so we can evaluate their nervous system!

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