“I’m Vaccinated. Now What?”

“I’m Vaccinated. Now What?”

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Strategies to Thrive in Spite of Immunization

I was raised in your average, Midwestern small town just south of Fort Wayne, Indiana, by a single mom of three. She did the best should could the best way she knew how – she put a roof over our heads and food on our plates. Her greatest aspiration in life was to see us grow up happy and healthy, get good educations, have successful careers, and one day (supposedly when we were 40) marry and have our own families. Back then, in our community, there were no “crunchy parent” fads, no one shopped organic, and everyone followed the recommendations of their doctors to the letter – including vaccinating themselves and their families. At that time, most parents were under the impression that there was no choice in the matter – vaccinate your kids or they don’t go to school! From my mother’s perspective not going to public school was out of the question as was paying for private school for three kids on one humble income. We were vaccinated for the sake of conformity not by educated choice.

The most fortunate result unfolded for me and my siblings – we had no adverse vaccine reactions. Well……at least we had no obvious adverse reactions. We didn’t drop dead, suffer from some catastrophic neurological condition, or have some painful or horrific physical symptom.

Until the last few years I considered myself lucky to have such great health. What I realize now, though, is that I’m not out of the woods yet. Research has begun to uncover an interesting trend when it comes to those who have been vaccinated. Nowadays we aren’t so much suffering from mumps, measles, chicken pox, diphtheria, and the laundry list of diseases that vaccines are meant to protect against. Instead, we’ve traded these acute childhood epidemics for chronic autoimmune and neurological diseases. Over the course of my lifetime alone we have seen rates of asthma and ADD double, diabetes and learning disabilities triple, chronic arthritis reach epic proportions, and autism increase by over 300%! Why? Children are receiving multiple doses of multiple vaccines within a very small time frame – the same time frame in which the brain, nervous system, and immune system are rapidly developing. So what’s the key to health in spite of immunization?

First, know this – some damage cannot be undone. Lives destroyed by adverse drug reactions can never be restored to their former glory. The strategies I am about to share with you can help the victim of vaccine reaction experience greater levels of health, but some limitations will not and cannot be overcome. For those who “turned out okay” but have some concerns that there may be looming chronic disease around the corner, I urge you to utilize these strategies to safeguard your future health situation.

Before I spell out all the strategies in detail, I want to set the foundation. The basis for each of the strategies is rooted in counteracting (even sometimes inconceivable amounts of) vaccine damage. Remember, vaccines are known to have an effect primarily on two human body systems: the nervous system and the immune system. When you build, support, and foster good health in these two key areas you can thrive in spite of even the smallest amount of damage from immunizations – even those you received decades ago.

Strategy #1 - Detoxify

The important thing here is that you clear your body of toxic garbage – that means bad food, heavy metals; I even go as far as saying negative thoughts and emotions. I’ll tell you specifically what I recommend, but first I want you to understand that toxins in your body disrupt healing, and you can’t expect to thrive until you have healed.

Step 1 - Clean up your diet

You know the blatantly obvious dietary choices you should make - choose fruits, veggies, and lean meats over the donuts, and drink water instead of soda. I won’t waste any more time than that going over what most people should know already.

“The devil is in the details.”  So here are a couple small things you can change right away to make huge changes.

  • It really, really does pay to shop organic. Pesticides and genetically modified substances are more difficult for the body to digest, process, and excrete, and some are even neurotoxic! You’ll be surprised how good you feel when you cut out processed food.
  • Eat 1 teaspoon of cilantro or cilantro juice daily for 2-3 weeks. Cilantro has a molecular bond that binds to heavy metals and pulls them from the body.
  • Increase vitamin C (I don’t mean drink orange juice...that is one of the worst things you can do to get vitamin C). Vitamin C helps undo some of the damage done by heavy metals and toxins while at the same time strengthening the immune system. Either get it through supplementation or try eating more bell peppers - there is 3x the amount of vitamin C per cup than oranges.
  • Start juicing! Raw, juiced foods are great for free radicals and clearing out toxins. Check back soon for some great juicing recipes.

Step 2 - Start a regimen of Detox supplementation

For this I recommend using one of the following Premier Research Labs brand detox supplementation:


Step 3 - Think positive

Words and beliefs have power! Negative thoughts can even affect your physiology in negative ways. That is one toxicity you don’t need in your life, so keep things positive.

Strategy #2 - Support Your Natural Detox Mechanisms

Your natural detoxification mechanisms primarily include your liver and kidneys. Again, supplementation can help naturally support the health of your liver and kidneys, especially when it comes to heavy metals and other vaccine ingredients.

Step 1 - Do a liver cleanse

Your liver is like the oil filter of your body, catching toxins in the form of unhealthy food, drugs and medications, even environmental pollutants. Your body may need a kick start in the detoxification step by utilizing Strategy #1 but as long as it is healthy, your liver is naturally detoxifying your body every day.

Dr. Oz presented a liver cleanse that you can check out here.

Step 2 - Increase your water intake

If you only focus on dislodging the heavy metals and toxins from vaccinations from the nervous system, you are forgetting about one very important key: they have to be excreted through the kidneys. In order to effectively excrete, the kidneys have to be well-hydrated.

Unfortunately, about 90% of the people I meet are dehydrated. How do I know? They either admit it themselves or their bodies admit it for them in the form of muscle and joint stiffness. How about you - do you have joint or muscle stiffness?

You should be drinking half your bodyweight in ounces per day of WATER. Did I say water with instant coffee mixed in? No. When I say water, I mean water! That leads into Step 3 below.

Tip: If you are terrible at remembering to drink enough water, set an alarm on your phone to drink 6-8 ounces. While sipping water constantly throughout the day is best, this would be a good start.

Step 3 - Avoid caffeine like the plague

Anything caffeinated dehydrates your body more than it hydrates it. If you drink 8 ounces of coffee, soda, or energy drink you have to drink 12 ounces of water just to get back to ground zero.

Strategy #3 - Boost Your Immune and Nervous Systems Directly

Step 1 - Take probiotics

75-80% of our immune systems are residents of our gut in the form of good, healthy bacteria. The best way to support them is to take probiotics, especially if you have ever had a round of antibiotics that kills the good bacteria along with the bad.

Step 2 - Start consuming coconut oil regularly

In your body, coconut oil is converted into monolaurin. Monolaurin is the component in breast milk that strengthens a baby’s immune system. Additionally, unlike vegetable oils that become rancid in your body, coconut oil helps provide the healthy fats important in brain function and have been indicated in improving Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Step 3 - Get adjusted by a chiropractor

I may seem biased, but there is no better way of ensuring your nervous system is in tip-top shape than visiting your chiropractor regularly. When the nervous system is healthy, the body heals better.

The Best Cure is Prevention

All the above strategies can help you thrive in spite of immunization, but the best option is prevention.

I would never dream of stepping on parents' toes when it comes to having their children vaccinated, but I do want them to make an educated choice, a choice that my mother was never made aware of. In fact, did you know that your kids aren’t required by law to have vaccinations? You have the option, should you choose, to get an exemption. All 50 states allow exemptions for medical reasons, most for religious reasons, and a dwindling few for philosophical reasons. Check out the map to find out which exemptions are allowed in your state.

Do your research before vaccinating - from both perspectives! Once you vaccinate, there is no going back. You can limit the damage to your body but some will inevitably be done. Even the federal government has admitted that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe!

All of the strategies I have shared with you can be utilized regardless of vaccination because you are constantly being bombarded by physical, mental/emotional, and chemical (toxic) stress and your body can use all the help it can get to be as healthy as possible. In fact, you can choose from one strategy or integrate all of them into your lifestyle.

I hope you are
Inspired To Thrive

Dr. Kay Minniear, D.C.
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